rAthena Hosting

Why Us and Not a Generic Host?

As you may have figured out by now, using a generic host such as OVH, Digital Ocean, or even GoDaddy (pls no..) gives you very limited support for rAthena, if any at all! That's part of the reason there are "RO Hosters" around today, so you can host your server and obtain much needed support when things go wrong.

Unfortunatley, some "hosts" are:

  • Glorified Resellers. They use another provider's resources and charge you for the privilege.
  • Un-Knowledgeable. Some "hosts" have no idea how their network runs or how to maintain Operating Systems.
  • Un-Knowledgeable Again. Some "hosts" have no idea how rAthena works, either. This means sending in a ticket for help is a waste of time.
  • They're just in it for the money.

We've done some research and produced a table to compare a 2GB RAM server plan from various companies that offer rAthena hosting.

This information is designed to educate potential customers. This table is correct as of 1st May '20, based on available info on their product pages.

RagnaHosting PonyVPS vHost WanHosting Mabuhay Solution
Closest Product Match
Based on 2GB RAM
Drops Cloud Hosting [RO]eVPS2048 Cloud Server 2GB RO VPS 2 RO-VPS Basic Package
# of Cores 1 Core 2 Cores 1 Core Unknown 1 Core
#GHz 3.8GHz Unknown 2.4GHz Unknown Unknown
Disk Size 64GB 200GB 10GB 64GB 20GB
Bandwidth 2TB 2TB Unlimited 2TB 1TB
Line Speed up to 10Gbps Unknown up to 10Gbps Unknown Unknown
DDoS Protection Unknown 20Gbp/s 20Gbp/s Some Yes?
# Locations 16 2 6 16 1
Root Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backups Yes Unknown Yes Unknown Unknown
VNC Installer/Installed Yes Unknown Yes Yes Yes
Free Web Hosting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Subdomain .ragnarok.onl .ro-online.net .ragnarok.zone .ragnarok.site .ro-gameplay.com
rAthena 3PS Reviews Not Authorised Not Authorised
Setup Fee $0 $2.50 $0 $0 $0
Monthly Price
Converted to USD
$19.95 $30.00 $10.99 $40.00 $20.00

So Now What?

Of course, the above table can still be a little mis-leading on some points. For instance, the Cloud Server 2GB is our smallest server package so you can upgrade if you need more resources, while a 2GB VPS is actually the largest package on one of these hosts, which means there's no upgrading there.

Something else that is worthy-of-note is the VNC availability for your server. We know everyone likes a GUI, but as none of the hosts in this table offer Windows Servers within (or even close to) this price range, VNC is the way forward.

Do you know what some of these hosts' VNC package is built on? That's right - they're using our Cervantes software with a different background image. Cervantes is open-source and actively supported by vHost.

Do you think you're now informed enough about who you'd like to purchase your server hosting from?

Standard rAthena Package

The Important Stuff
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Free Subdomain
  • Cloud Server 4GB
  • rAthena Installation Cervantes
  • rAthena Support Unavailable

Extreme rAthena Package

The Important Stuff
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Free Domain
  • Cloud Server 8GB
  • rAthena Installation Cervantes
  • rAthena Support Available
The Other Cool Stuff You Get!
  •   Free Webhosting Package
  •   Selection of Cloud Server Locations
  •   Effortlessly Install rAthena with our Cervantes Installer
  •   Free use of our ragnarok.zone domain
  •   Additional SSD Space
  •   Unlimited Webhosting and Cloud Server Bandwidth
  •   Free Installs of FluxCP
  •   Free VNC Server Usage
  •   Ready-to-Play Full Installer
  •   Free Installs of Forum Software