Software Licenses Update

Following on from cPanel's new pricing structure, we have overhauled our Licenses and new invoices will be adjusted accordingly from October 1st. We've made it even easier for you to purchase your licenses from us with some well-needed tweaks to make the whole process much more smooth. Our Software Licenses page has also had a facelift to give it ... Read More »

23rd Sep 2019
Recurring Cloud Discount

To celebrate our Cloud Servers being so popular, the vHost team are offering the 4GB product at a recurring 25% discounted value that will stay with your service for as long as you have it. This discount is available on all new 4GB purchases from now until 1st August.

Happy clouding!

18th Jun 2019
Brand New Cloud Network

Earlier this week our new Cloud Network was set loose upon the masses, providing amazing speed and great value for money! There are currently 3 Cloud Server packages available, all with differing specs with various flavours of Linux available to choose from. Windows Cloud Servers will be available later this week. There are multiple new articles ... Read More »

24th Apr 2019
Cervantes v1.2.05

Our Cervantes package installer has been updated!  The new version correctly installs the now required gcc-5 version and its' g++ counterpart.  Previously this was available via a different apt repo, but since it has moved we've had to update how these packages are fetched and installed.  

If there are any issues, please let us know!

3rd Oct 2017
Cervantes v1.2.04

Our Cervantes package installer has been updated!  Auto-generation of Full Client is now completed during Cervantes Setup.  FluxCP now automatically creates Download Page content with link to Full Client upon successfull FluxCP installation.

9th Aug 2017
Cloud Server OS Availability Update

Today we have updated our list of Operating Systems on our range of Cloud Servers.  As of this moment, all new servers are able to have the latest OSs for each distribution.  Current systems are unaffected by this change.

1st Aug 2017
Cervantes v1.2.03

Our Cervantes package installer has been updated!  The main change is the move from gcc to g++ which is now required for rAthena to compile correctly.  A link has also been places in the vHost main navigation to the Cervantes sub-site, so you can keep an eye on future changes.

5th Jun 2017
rAthena Services

We now have a special category for rAthena and FluxCP related services.  Along with this change, we have also introduced multiple currecy options in an effort to make our customers lives a little bit easier!

27th May 2017
Cervantes v1.2.02

Our Cervantes package installer has been updated!  Here's a small list of the main changes: Forced Compile and Update scripts to show output via terminal. phpMyAdmin setup and config is now part of the main installation process. Forced override for default text editor to Mousepad, instead of Vim. Resolved issues with VNC and SSH password ... Read More »

7th Mar 2017
Cloud Servers Now Available

Roaring SSDs in a High Availability infrastructure gives you the power to develop whatever is on your mind.  Instant setup across 10+ global locations means your project will be accessible at light-speed from anywhere with an internet connection!

19th Feb 2017