About Us

Where did we come from?

Well.. that's a long story! Originally, we first began selling web hosting space back in 2006. At the time, there were new hosts popping up all over the place with their big "deals" which were still 3 times more expensive that our own packages. Our downfall though, was that we couldn't provide an automated service. That is, until 2008.

Still being operated and staffed by a single individual, vHost was overhauled in terms of it's site framework which gave us the ability to automate the provisioning of web hosting packages. We also then began to resell cheap VPS with a comparative providor, but with their consistent instabilities, we invested in our own hardware and migrated VPS accounts over to our first officially owned node.

Reliable Hosting

One that you could trust your server with. We offer a 99.99% uptime SLA on all our hosting plans.

If we're not up-to-scratch, we'll extend your billing period free of charge

High End Hardware

Our Cloud platform employs the use of Pure SSD drives with literally terabytes of available RAM at any given time.

Our customers deserve the latest top of the range technology


Our infrastructure is ever-evolving. New Cloud nodes are added each week to ensure stable and scalable growth.

We never allow our platform to fill up past 65% before extending it

Global Locations

Our infrastructure spans multple locations in Europe, Asia and America. You'll always be able to find a location close to where you are!

We're always looking to expand into new locations

What happened next? We delved deeper into the unknown. Virtual Servers were quickly becoming a sought-after product, so we expanded our bank of nodes by purchasing 16 additional servers, adding them to our quickly-filling-up 20 and we were good to go!

How did we get involved with rAthena? To be honest, we've been around and providing *Athena hosting for a very long time. We used to provide some very specific packages that allowed our customers to have their very own server up and running along with all the trimmings within a matter of minutes.

So what do we do now? We currently have a large customer-base in the United States and South-East Asia where we host websites with tons of extras. We migrated our VPS packages to the new Cloud Server framework and haven't looked back since!

If you're still not convined that we're the right hosting partner for you, have a look below and see if we can tickle your fancy!

Ultra-low Latency

Our servers are connected using only premium networks across all of our locations.

If you're getting a bad ping, let us know and we'll migrate you free of charge

Lowest Possible Prices

We've spent many years building a company that is able to offer premium products with great value. None of our products will break the bank!

If you've found a cheaper comparable package, let us know and we'll beat it

DDoS Protection

Most "Hosting Companies" will charge you extra for some kind of DDoS Protection package. Honestly, if you're not getting it included as standard, then what are you paying for?

Yes, we include protection for free

Automated Backups

Our web hosting platform is backed up on a regular basis, and we also give you the ability to create backups yourself, however many and as often you like.

We don't charge you to look after your own data

The Team


Job: Application Support
Dept: Tech Support
Years in Industry: 7

Fav Game: RO
RPG Class: Hunter


Job: Billing & Accounts
Dept: Finance
Years in Industry: 2

Fav Game: ALL!
RPG Class: Warrior


Job: 2nd Line Support
Dept: Tech Support
Years in Industry: 14

Fav Game: TERA
RPG Class: Mage


Job: 2nd Line Support
Dept: Tech Support
Years in Industry: 5

Fav Game: Minecraft
RPG Class: Healer